Evening in the City

20120921-213259.jpgOut for dinner at the Wynyard Quarter, love this new area, wish it would get more attention as its away from the mad busy places with no parking and offers a variety of menus. I must say our favourite spot is clearly a popular watering hole on a Friday evening.

This installation is well lit to show its best side. It has a name but I can’t remember what it is. 🙂


Sunrise greeting

Fetching the newspaper, such a mundane thing, but when you are treated to a killer sunrise it heightens the pleasure of reading the paper, with a good coffee of course!

Busy day ahead another feel good moment in the diary – monthly plasma donation appointment, love the text I get from the blood service, “reminder of you appointment, blah blah, thank you 4 saving lives” who could resist!

Detours that take you to new places

Well there’s an accident and you have to take a detour and all you really want to do is get home to do the washing but there’s no option. Next thing your detour takes you to previously unknown surf beaches, little villages and off the track coffee shops. Sorry about the person who perished in the accident but thanks for the detour in my day and the gift it was.

Unexplained woohoo yesterday, in the roaring wind,I ended up holing out in two from a bunker, definitely smile inducing!

100 day challenge

Read Darryl’s Facebook post and have decided to follow suit, I have some serious changes to make but bearing in mind the size I’ll take them slow.

1. Have to lose weight so bad! Goal = 5 kilos before the end of the year. Small steps!

2. I’ll write in my blog, take photos and share.

Lets see how I go!