Why is it we need a shock to be grateful?

I saw an accident at lunch time, it was so very very nearly me, I was afraid, I was upset, I worried for the people in the other vehicles, I was grateful it wasn’t me!

I so very badly want to go to New York, but was glad I wasn’t there last week and I’m grateful we don’t (not usually) have weather like that here.

I’m very interested in earthquakes (cause and effect) and love Christchurch but I’m grateful I live in Auckland.

I’m shortly to be visiting South Africa, the place of my birth, but when I read of there being no water and people killed for a cellphone, I’m grateful I left everything I know and live in New Zealand.  I’m grateful for being a New Zealand citizen.

I’m grateful for my life, my family, my health.  I need to remember this more each day, when I regret or wish or covet. I’m lucky, I’m grateful, I give thanks.


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