Tipping Point. It’s an age thing…

Interesting read for the older job seeker, how old is too old. Should we (I’m a baby boomer) be doomed to retire before we are ready to, or not get a dream job because we sport a grey hair or two. What’s with that?

Good article Hassanah

Tipping Point. It's an age thing….


Walk the Talk

I know I should lose weight, it’s a no brainer! I know how too, so it’s not hard. Yeah Right!

I make up my mind each day that today’s the day, then buy a biscuit for morning tea (AND eat the fruit that was planned). Its not hunger, it’s not obsession it’s more than that. I’m not lonely or depressed, I guess I’m a little foodaholic or smokoholic and don’t know how to fix that. I just need to get on with it, go to the gym and cut my plate in half. By the way, I’m not a little over weight but I’m also not a sitting down because I’m too fat to get up kind of fat. I’m 120kg but I play sport, I can walk 72 holes of golf in a weekend, I’m actually not to bad at it, but I’m fat and therefore could be better.

So I’ve definitely got a can do should do but don’t!

Where to Next

I’m off again on a little trip so this “upskilling” piece today from WordPress is timeous, I can use the google maps to show where I’m going (middle of nowhere!). I’m visiting family in Kimberley South Africa.

See if you can pick out the 5 “holes” where there have been diamond excavations over the years. You may have heard of the Big Hole, which began during Cecil John Rhodes time in South Africa (trying to colonise the world for England). The original mine was mostly dug by hand using pulleys and buckets – amazing. You may want to scroll into the map a little bit too make the place look like a town. Actually it is a small place with about 250 000 (back in 2007, who knows how many now) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimberley,_Northern_Cape#Kimberley_today) The place is dry and dusty at this time of year with a temperature of about 38 – 40 deg C, so coming from NZ I’m going to be very very hot!

Kimberley is known for its diamond mines, battlefields and hunting. I’m not going to partake in any of those on this occasion, I am however, hoping for a thunderstorm, the area has the most spectacular fork lightning with dramatic sunsets and loud rumbling thunder. Look out for photos of that.

Studying Abroad – Yes Please

My first instincts would be to say I’d love to spend a year studying in America.  But, it would be just moving to another (albeit fabulous, bigger, up to the minute) English speaking, not too dissimilar place.  I’ve done Africa so I’ve no inclination to go there.  So I must stretch my boundaries and consider what culture would I like to learn more about, who has the historical interest, who’s language would I like to learn. 

I might opt for Russia, it’s the climate, the language, the completely different culture, an opportunity to learn about different political opinions (or non opinions). The vast history and changing dynasties, hardships and struggle.  What would I study, probably history and political science or geography and language/writing (learning about the authors and their work).

What would I learn outside of the class, probably a lot about the way things work and an opportunity to understand what I read in the news and compare that to what is real in the world of “everyday” Russia.  I’d make the most of a Russian winter, travelling the snows and exploring the country side as it suffers the winter.

If I’ve offended any Russians by this post I apologise, it’s by dint of my lack of knowledge that I chose your beautiful country to learn and grow.

Make it snow, make it snow!

Love the idea of having snow on my blog.  It’ll be nice and a bit disconcerting, seeing that we having summer and will have a BBQ for Christmas feasting!  With salad and cold meats and cold drinks.  Only traditional snow like thing will be the traditional steamed fruit pudding, that’s all done and ready to roll.  One day, I will have a white Christmas – but for now I’ll enjoy my WordPress Snow.

Traditional Christmas Pudding

Traditional Christmas Pudding

Christmas Shopping

I was reading my mail this morning and received at least 4 adverts for Black Friday.  What’s that – it’s new again (at least to NZ) but must have been around a while in America.  Well I dislike shopping at the best of times, even the groceries, how would I cope with a shopping gorge just because it’s a Friday.  Christmas is now a reason for shopping, blowing out the credit card and buying everyone you can thint of a gift – oh and it can’t be a set of hankies anymore either.  Now it’s a goat for an African village or a sack of seed for India or something.  All good and well but then the “giftee” goes – well where’s my gift?”

I was reading my Zen Habits (www.zenhabits.net) this morning about a challenge to not buy anything till 2013.  Could you do it?  I’d have to give in to a gift for my grandson I’m afraid.  I’m a grinch in someways but not entirely a scrooge.  I love Christmas and the reason for doing it, but that doesn’t extend to shopping till I drop or spending my last bean and some of next years too.  My husband and I have had a “rule” for a long time – we don’t do gifts, what do you buy for someone whom you’ve been married to for 32 years?  So we buy a treat when you see what you’d like.  My son gets a gift – a needed and wanted thing, but not a blow me out of the water price.

Could I not buy anything till 2013 I don’t know but I’m going to be doing what I always do, shop sparingly, shop early in the mornings and enjoy the time of year.  Have a great day with my little family, enjoy the gift that is a son, grandchild and a family time.  There will be food, but as it’s summer here we’ll have a BBQ or cold meats and salads and I’ll try not to overindulge.  The only traditional thing will be the hot steamed Christmas pudding lovingly steamed in the next night or two, steeped with brandy and rich with fruit.  Yum!

Do you go broke for Christmas or do you do the minimum with maximum fuss and love and hugs?

Why is it we need a shock to be grateful?

I saw an accident at lunch time, it was so very very nearly me, I was afraid, I was upset, I worried for the people in the other vehicles, I was grateful it wasn’t me!

I so very badly want to go to New York, but was glad I wasn’t there last week and I’m grateful we don’t (not usually) have weather like that here.

I’m very interested in earthquakes (cause and effect) and love Christchurch but I’m grateful I live in Auckland.

I’m shortly to be visiting South Africa, the place of my birth, but when I read of there being no water and people killed for a cellphone, I’m grateful I left everything I know and live in New Zealand.  I’m grateful for being a New Zealand citizen.

I’m grateful for my life, my family, my health.  I need to remember this more each day, when I regret or wish or covet. I’m lucky, I’m grateful, I give thanks.