Make it snow, make it snow!

Love the idea of having snow on my blog.  It’ll be nice and a bit disconcerting, seeing that we having summer and will have a BBQ for Christmas feasting!  With salad and cold meats and cold drinks.  Only traditional snow like thing will be the traditional steamed fruit pudding, that’s all done and ready to roll.  One day, I will have a white Christmas – but for now I’ll enjoy my WordPress Snow.

Traditional Christmas Pudding

Traditional Christmas Pudding


Christmas Shopping

I was reading my mail this morning and received at least 4 adverts for Black Friday.  What’s that – it’s new again (at least to NZ) but must have been around a while in America.  Well I dislike shopping at the best of times, even the groceries, how would I cope with a shopping gorge just because it’s a Friday.  Christmas is now a reason for shopping, blowing out the credit card and buying everyone you can thint of a gift – oh and it can’t be a set of hankies anymore either.  Now it’s a goat for an African village or a sack of seed for India or something.  All good and well but then the “giftee” goes – well where’s my gift?”

I was reading my Zen Habits ( this morning about a challenge to not buy anything till 2013.  Could you do it?  I’d have to give in to a gift for my grandson I’m afraid.  I’m a grinch in someways but not entirely a scrooge.  I love Christmas and the reason for doing it, but that doesn’t extend to shopping till I drop or spending my last bean and some of next years too.  My husband and I have had a “rule” for a long time – we don’t do gifts, what do you buy for someone whom you’ve been married to for 32 years?  So we buy a treat when you see what you’d like.  My son gets a gift – a needed and wanted thing, but not a blow me out of the water price.

Could I not buy anything till 2013 I don’t know but I’m going to be doing what I always do, shop sparingly, shop early in the mornings and enjoy the time of year.  Have a great day with my little family, enjoy the gift that is a son, grandchild and a family time.  There will be food, but as it’s summer here we’ll have a BBQ or cold meats and salads and I’ll try not to overindulge.  The only traditional thing will be the hot steamed Christmas pudding lovingly steamed in the next night or two, steeped with brandy and rich with fruit.  Yum!

Do you go broke for Christmas or do you do the minimum with maximum fuss and love and hugs?

Success: A life lived to the full


Reflections of the Mountains

I enjoy life, so I’m trying to make the most of it. I’ll be the one in the purple hat slip sliding into the funeral parlour one day.  To have lived is to have had good times, to have survived the bad times, to have friends, to have eaten fabulous meals and seen fine sights. To this end I don’t spend a lot of time vacuuming, I chose to play golf, dig in the garden and read to my grandson. A life fully lived for me would be to have experienced new years eve in New York, to have visited Auschwitz to feel the spirit of those lost in war.  I’ll eat haggis in Scotland and drink fine wine in France. I’ll read as many books as I can and knit jerseys, crochet funky coloured blankets for friends and children of friends – hoping they carry them around till they are grownups.  I’ll have donated enough plasma (no whole blood anymore – damn malaria!) to save a hundred people’s lives, donated enough money to have made a difference to my chosen charities. I’ll have stories to tell and advice to dispense, I’ll be boring in my tales of golf courses played and will fill many scrapbooks with memories.  But for right now, I’ll copy this list of successes so that I can make sure the bucket list is being ticked off and added to regularly.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

As a golfer, I associate the word green with some of the beautiful golf courses I’ve been privileged to play on.  It also means I get to take photos of my other green favourite – trees.  The courses I’m sharing with you today are from top left: a rural course in Northland of New Zealand, Terrace Downs just (about an hour) outside of Christchurch – South Island, Millbrook in Autumn – Queenstown South Island, The Hills – Arrowtown South Island and finally Kapalua The Plantations in Hawaii.  All quite different, all very beautiful.  My game is sometimes distressing to my old brain but how can you not be invigorated and renewed when you walking in these green areas?