February Reading 2014 Book List Part 2

Quite a list of contrasts this month, some quite out of my normal favourite read.

  1. Children of Liberty : Paullina Simon (nice read, not a rave but pleasant company, this’ll probably go to the bookshelf at the golf club to share with the ladies there)
  2. Light Between the Oceans : ML Stedman (quite different, a story of longing and being caught out – lighthouse keeper on the Australian coast is persuaded by his wife to keep a baby who washed up on the shore in a dingy with a dead man, what could go wrong with that?  For him it was breaking all the rules, for her it’s what you do when you love someone.  This is on the “recommend” list and is being passed around.
  3. Police ; Jo Nesbo (This is more my normal style, another good Nesbo, but not the best he has done)
  4. Casual Vacancy : JK Rowling (After all the hype and the critique is done it’s still a good read, a “nice” story with a few curls, not top of my list but never felt like leaving it unfinished)
  5. Code 5 : Frank Slaughter (First published in 1972 this is one of a few good reads that have lingered with me from my teens, an opportunity came up on a trading site to chose older books and this was one of those I picked, not as good as I recall but written in a style that today would probably not be successful.  Short, sweet and a pleasure to read anyway)
  6. Toys : James Patterson and Neil McMahan (so Patterson but still not, set in the future with super powered people and super powered toys, read it to the end, it’s still a bad guy / good guy kind of story but I’m not a future sort of reader)

Any books to offer to my future reading list