2014 Books

Often I’ve seen a list of books someone has read through the year and I’ve wondered how many I read.  I think I read quite a bit but wouldn’t know how many, so I’m going to keep a list.  I’m an eclectic reader – a bit of this and a bit of that.  I mainly like fiction – thriller, psycho/forensic murder mystery, Patterson, Nesbo, Deaver,with a bit of Picolt and Gabaldon for a change.  If I get a few readers of this post I’d be keen to hear what you’ve just read and recommend.


  1. Barbara Taylor Bradford – Playing the Game.  Out of ordinary for me to read but it was a cheap deal and I do enjoy her writing when I need a change of scenery. Worth a read if you looking for a light distraction, holiday read. Probably won’t get onto my library shelves, will go to the Golf Club to share with the ladies. (Paperback)
  2. Luke Delaney – The Keeper. Much more to my liking, page turner, neglected the housework yesterday to finish it off.  If this is a good example of his writing I would buy more of his books.  (Paperback)