Where to Next

I’m off again on a little trip so this “upskilling” piece today from WordPress is timeous, I can use the google maps to show where I’m going (middle of nowhere!). I’m visiting family in Kimberley South Africa.

See if you can pick out the 5 “holes” where there have been diamond excavations over the years. You may have heard of the Big Hole, which began during Cecil John Rhodes time in South Africa (trying to colonise the world for England). The original mine was mostly dug by hand using pulleys and buckets – amazing. You may want to scroll into the map a little bit too make the place look like a town. Actually it is a small place with about 250 000 (back in 2007, who knows how many now) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimberley,_Northern_Cape#Kimberley_today) The place is dry and dusty at this time of year with a temperature of about 38 – 40 deg C, so coming from NZ I’m going to be very very hot!

Kimberley is known for its diamond mines, battlefields and hunting. I’m not going to partake in any of those on this occasion, I am however, hoping for a thunderstorm, the area has the most spectacular fork lightning with dramatic sunsets and loud rumbling thunder. Look out for photos of that.